The Looper Group, Inc.
Hop aboard the St. Petersburg Trolley Downtown Looper route and
find your easy way around downtown. Look for the bright red and
yellow trolleys, board for just 50 cents and connect to all the city's
major museums and attractions.
PSTA's Central Avenue Trolley
connects to the Looper at S
undial, the Chamber Visitor Center and
Pier parking lots. Transfers between PSTA services at Williams Park
& the Downtown Looper at the St. Petersburg College
stop or the
Open Air Post Office stop.
For information about shuttle
services to major downtown
events, click on the Events tab
above or
click here
We have a few trolleys that are
red, open air vehicles available
for special occasions. For more
click here
Would you like to join our mailing
list? We will notify you of schedule
changes and special shuttle
services for downtown events.
Pictures on our website courtesy of the City of St. Petersburg
To enhance the connection to
Beach Drive, St. Petersburg’s
trolley the downtown Looper is
extending its Free Fare Zone.
Passengers ride FREE when
they get-on
and get-off anywhere
in the Free Fare Zone (outside of
the zone still just 50 cents).  
Click here for more information.